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Route 66 - Travelling The Mother Road with Babies and On a Budget. Amarillo to New Mexico!

Hey, you might have noticed we've gotten a new Travel tab up above. If you're joining us for the first time today, be sure to click to catch up on what you've missed. If you're already up to speed then you'll know we left off on the search for Amarillo!

(We found it!) Amarillo Texas to Tucumcari New Mexico

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Texas

I DO know the way to Amarillo as it was the next stop on our trip! You do know that there is an unwritten rule of 66, don’t you? Well when you get to Amarillo you have to get out & sing “Is this the way to Amarillo?” with all your might! Some say it has to be done like Tony Christie but I prefer to do it Peter Kay style. It has to be the quirkiest town on 66 as they have the Cadillac Ranch which is a Mecca for Route 66 pilgrims since 1974.

The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo Texas

We stopped for lunch in what was possibly the best meal we had State side in the Big Texan Steak Ranch. The steaks were so tender & juicy, the beer was awesome the atmosphere was fantastic & they had lovely staff too. Prices were OK too, a bit more expensive than average for the USA but still cheaper than a steak dinner here.

As hubby was driving I was allowed a small beer!

(Wo)Man v Food! If you can eat EVERYTHING here in less than an hour you get it for free otherwise it’s $72.

Big boots to fill!

                                    Midpoint Route 66, Adrian, Texas. A great stop for photos.

On the road again & we hit midpoint Route 66 and the ghost town of Adrian Texas. Although there is a restored (for a movie) old style cafe it was closed when we were there and there is not much else as you’ll see in the next photo!

                                                         Adrian, Texas *tumbleweed*

We skipped on by this motel for some reason!

Just under an hour of driving through another couple of ghost towns and deserted roads you cross another state line, this time into New Mexico.

                                   Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico

Tucumcari is full of vintage 66 neon signs, it’s littered with motels & different shaped buildings. La Cita the sombrero shaped Mexican restaurant or the tee pee shaped shop of tee pee Curios. We stayed the night in the Blue Swallow Motel that’s made from WWII cabins. It was very expensive for Route 66 but it was the experience you were paying for more than the room! ($106/€78 room only)

One of the little rooms inside the cabins at The Blue Swallow Motel.

We only had the motel room only but just across the road there is a gorgeous diner. Kicks 66 is a restored 50’s style diner serving great value home cooked food. Breakfast for the family was less than $20.

Kicks 66 Diner, Tucumcari NM

The first time we drove Route 66 we stayed in the Palomino Motel in Tucumcari as the Blue Swallow was booked out. We thought it looked a bit deserted but decided to ask anyway. Most places will give you the key to check the room before you commit to take it.

So I took the key & had a look as the price was only $26/€19 room only. It was awesome! The rooms are brand new 50’s/60’s style with shag pile carpets and avocado bathroom suites. So if you do go, stay here rather than the Blue Swallow.

Join us next week as we take up from here & pass through Albuquerque. We also embark on our detour off Route 66 to see some amazing things.

Tell us, do you now know the way to Amarillo? Has that song been in your head for this entire post? Shall I stop asking questions? Shallallah la la la la lah (I'm not even sorry). 

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