Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday's Moments - 07/07/14

Good morning, Monday, you sexy muddafuppa. There's something about the burgeoning sunshine each and every day this past while that makes it easier to see the bright side, both literally and figuratively. 

It's been a fab week 'round these parts with schemes, plots and shenanigans working out beautifully but these here? These are the five Monday's Moments that mean blues aren't welcome here today: 

1. Hurts So Good

Before we flew back from Wales last week my Bro & Sis in Law very kindly set me up an appointment with their Osteo/Sports Therapist in Swansea. You might have heard me whinge on about 3 slipped discs I cleverly acquired last August but it has seemed like a never ending recovery (YAY, Irish healthcare!). 

While Mandy, henceforth forthwith known as Fists of Fury, pummeled me to within an inch of my life, she also performed a little feat of magic. Managing to break down scar tissue around my spine and relieve the pressure on my nerves and sciatica. 

Once the intense pain and involuntary Tourettes died down, my back and hip feel better than they have in eons. I'll have to continue treatments here, but for now, I'm all about the Mr Soft impressions. Cheers, Mand!  

2. You're in My Blind Spot, Bub!

Nope, this isn't me but our very own Travel Expert, Corrina pictured with her youngest and her second youngest. She sent this pic of Cillian in her 'blind spot' and I couldn't help but guffaw at my desk. He could be plotting all sorts down there :')

3. Waga For His Mama

While recuperating from the above serious assault this week, I found it very difficult to do even the most basic of tasks. Aaron was heading to the centre and I promised we'd have lunch when he got back. 

When he walked through the door with a humongous bag of ramen goodness & Miso soup for both of us, the only thing that stopped me lepping on him right then was my limited range of motion. I'm not sure if I intentionally raised such an awesomely thoughtful dude but I'm totally going to claim it. He warms an Irish Mammy's cockles daily. #RealTalk. 

4. Random Acts of Stranger Worrying
While heading to Groove Fest this weekend (AWESOME btw), I met the Sis on Jervis St to grab a Luas up to the Dart. I was at the ticket kiosk as she approached but it was being a bitch and refusing cards. As I fed all of my change in, I turned to Corrina to ask if she had a euro. 

An elderly gent, whom I hadn't even realised stood between us, patted down his front and his pockets and said 'I'm so sorry, Love, I use my card, I don't'. Have you ever squeezed a stranger with gratitude at a Luas stop for being a legend before? Because I have and it was goooood. 

5. London, BABY!!

And finally, I managed to get to see her nibs this weekend so could hand over her belated Birthday pressie. We're going to London, Baby!!

Now with the cat out of the bag, we can start planning together what we want to do. There'll be shows, beauty stops, shopping, ALL of the eats and hopefully some cheeky meet ups too. If you've any recommendations for shenanigans, do please leave a comment below. I've never gone to The Londinium and not had something new to see or do. Not ever. *Squeals!!*

So tell us, what's making you Happy today? There's got to be something brightening your day just a little bit or even a hell of a lot?!

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