Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's Moments - 14/07/14

Hello and Happy Monday! If you're new around these parts and Google Analytics is telling me that a whole haype of you are - big waves to you *waves maniacally*. 

Monday's Moments is where I take a little time out to be grateful for the little things. I choose five Moments from the previous week that mean I'm kicking Monday Blues in the tuckus and feeling pretty good about it too. 

As ever, I'd love you to get involved, whether it's leaving a comment below, tweeting your Moment or just taking a mo to smell the roses and realising we all have little things to be thankful for. 

Without further ado: 

1. L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2014

Last Monday saw the cream of the Irish hairdressing crop descend upon the Convention Centre in Dublin for the Annual L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards. Hosted by Off The Rails duo Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon, the atmosphere was electric (and the tunes pumping) as we were treated to breathtaking high fashion shows punctuated by awards. 

I was thrilled to be one of the few press peeps invited again this year and the things I learned are thus: 1. L'Oreal NEED to set up a Spotify playlist of their tunes from the night. 2. Hairdressers, en masse are the craziest bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure to be around and 3. I need peach hair. Like yesterday. 

2. Fizzy Pop FTW

Photo courtesy of Sharon's Insta Hurr 
While at a very dignified and lovely Aureilia Skincare event in SpaceNK this week I happened to bump into these two lovely lasses: Dena & Sharon. Normally one to leggit home of a school night, when 'fizzy pop' was mentioned after several glasses of SpaceNK champers, I threw caution to the wind and tootled along for 'one'. 

Several 'ones' later we had set the world to rights and cultivated some serious six packs with ALL of the guffaws at silliness. See these two? They're seriously alright so they are. Here's to saying yes to school night fizzy pop more often! 

3. Game. Changer. 

This here is about to change the way you use Instagram forever. One of my most serious Jimmie Rustlers is typing out the perfect caption, complete with a bajillion tags, hitting publish and realising there's an error. No, it's not life or death - it's more serious than that. 

Never again shall I have to curl my lips at Insta posts, raging. Yisser welcome. 

4. It's A Small World After All! 

In the second of my 'fizzy pop' adventures this week, I was delighted to catch up with one of my favourite people in the beauty world and now in the real world too, Vivian from L'Occitane. Whenever we get together, I learn something new and amazing about her and we laugh like old pals catching up. 

This rendezvous' exciting reveal? Not only is she planning on taking part in a 10k run in Ethiopia for charity, not only is her gorgeous Tuscan friend, Cecelia (who joined us for a natter) a seriously kick ass chick that works her butt of for Concern all around the world but Vivian's husband also has a claim to fame. Vivian's husband is the master chef behind Bunsen Burger

Now THAT'S a small world. If you haven't sampled these burgers yet, get your behind to Wexford St TODAY - tell the chef his wife is an absolute doll while you're there - I'm sure he knows it but it never hurts to remind a guy. I'll have to head back there myself, ya'know just to be sociable like *drools*

5. My Bastille Day Baby Is Nearly 
Not a Baby Anymore

You might join me in wishing this little gickball a HUGE Happy Birthday. That's right, my teeny, tiny baby that arrived to this world in 36 minutes flat but has been taking his time ever since is 17 today. 1. 7. 

He's just one year away from joining his brother in adulthood. I know it sounds cliché but WHERE have the years gone? Days seemed endless when they were babies but holy cow I don't ever remember envisioning saying 'Yeah, they're 17 and 18'. This man child has given me more grey hairs and crows feet than I can ever repay him for through accidents, illnesses and guerrilla warfare at home but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Now to spend the day chasing him aboot the place trying to give him a birthday noogie *hides in his wardrobe*

So c'mom, what's one thing you're grateful for today? 
What's your Monday's Moment? 

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