Thursday, July 17, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Lord in heaven, has it been a long week? 

Is it just me or does everyone think they have it tough these days? 

Bishes, join the queue of those with actual IRL problemz... 

OOOR do like me and post some gifs - ready? 

1. When The Phone Signal Drops & 
You Dial Each Other Back 12 Times In a Row

 photo ibo6OdpZBbBXEk_zpsb4140b2e.gif

2. Dirty Dancing (AKA Pedophilia to music)

 photo y3PWaHz_zpse957dcf2.gif

3. Waiting For An Ebay Auction to End

 photo ntwBDRI_zps1ddd15a7.gif

4. 'But It'd Be FUN to Create Nail Art of Our Logo 
In The Hopes That We MIGHT Tweet It....'

 photo tumblr_lxatciZMaP1qjvgh1_zps9f051e45.gif

5. 'But My Garth Brooks Plaaaaaaaaaans'

 photo tumblr_inline_mhjahzSV9y1qz4rgp_zpsf0546f9e.gif

Please feel free to release your own Kraken in the comments - You're at your aunties - wha? 

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