Friday, September 19, 2014

4 Days with the Doctor

So, it's been 2 episodes since my last look at the new Doctor, and honestly I still have no opinion on him at all - that seems to be the most apt description of my feelings towards him so far.

Robot of Sherwood:

This episode had me say one thing afterwards that I never thought I would about a TV show - it was FUN. I've always loved Robin Hood as a character, so seeing him played as a small screen equivalent of Cary Elwes' Men In Tights Robin was brilliant.

I was a bit eh coming into this due to it being the stereotypical Doctor Who filler episode like that cowboy one that are usually bad, but way too quick for my liking I found myself laughing at everything and hoping for more Robin and Doctor scenes. The arguments between the two were hilarious and for once I got a true Doctor feeling from Capaldi.

The story has some ridiculous points and the Doctor's doubt grated on me a bit, but that's how he is and it felt well performed. Some scenes were brilliant, and the script is pretty great making it truly fun, exciting and a little cheesy - what I really miss from the Russell T. Davies era.

Even for it being the second episode in four to feature robots for some reason, this has by far been my favourite episode since the Day of the Moon or A Good Man Goes To War  episodes of Season 6.


Following up the brilliance that was Robot of Sherwood would be a big act, and Listen did pretty damn well considering. Now, while it didn't interest me much, it did have a bit more of an insight into Danny Pink's life and the way it was written felt really Timey-Wimey Travelly-Wavelly - even if the TARDIS can be powered by anyone's thoughts now..

I felt the story is a bit too slow to start to really drag you in, but the implications could be HUGE! The episode begins with a monologue about the thing listening to you when you talk alone that you only see in the corner of your eye - remind you of any certain The Scream lookalikes eh? And thank GOD for once this story actually completes itself in a neat little loop - it felt pretty fantastic!

I feel Capaldi took a step back from his performance in Robot of Sherwood with this, he wasn't particularly funny or interesting, more of the attempt at menacing he's been trying since Enter the Dalek. However, Carla was pretty sassy (for want of a better word), recalling why I loved later Amy - taking no messing from anyone INCLUDING the Doctor.

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