Thursday, September 04, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

It has come to my attention that lovely peeps are reaching peak rustle of a Wednesday evening and seeking solace in the sweet release of gif of a Thursday - to that I say - Me too, pal, me too! I am unsure whether we are now experiencing Pavlov's rustling as we approach midweek but do let me know if that's happening!

Without further ado, the jimmies that have been unapologetically rustled this week: 

1. When My Phone Camera Opens 
Facing Me, Unexpectedly 

 photo tumblr_m4x4d9t9Dk1rrifv1o6_500_zpsc6f2c211.gif

2. 'What's The Best Tablet To Buy A Three Year Old?'

 photo 32294-Ron-Swanson-no-gif-LN4e_zps631d5937.gif

3. 'Hey, I've Set Up A Blog, 
Could I Get A List Of Your Contacts?'

 photo Miss-Piggy-Head-Bang-GIF_zpsa44de96a.gif

4. People That Argue When Asked To Move Their Buggy From the Wheelchair Space On The Bus

 photo Youre-not-just-wrong-youre-stupid_zps8f18953c.gif

5. 'Can You Use My Hashtag When You Tweet Me?'

 photo 56158-Doctor-Who-10-laughing-gif-d1CI_zps89395a9d.gif

As ever, do release the proverbial Kraken, today is the day after all -

What's been rustling your jimmies? 

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