Wednesday, September 03, 2014

August Faves 2014 Ft Ambre Solaire, The BodyShop, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Lorac, Maybelline, Nuxe, Sally Hansen & Shiseido!

1. The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Collection

I've loved The Body Shop body butters for as long as The Body Shop have made body butters but this Wild Argan Oil is a different animal entirely. Easily the most luxurious edit yet and that's saying something. I genuinely can't get enough of it. 

We're talking Hawaiian Tropics levels of incredible scent (seriously) that lasts the whole day long. Subtle but enough for people to ask just what you're wearing. Between the Nails Inc scrub and this show stopping body butter my limbs haven't been in this good a shape in many, many moons. I'll be picking up the entire Wild Argan Oil range, including a back up or two of this. Just one whiff and you'll do the same. I guarantee it. 
2. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
€9.99 each or €14.99 for the Top Coat Duo

I was only home from the Sally Hansen launch an hour when I felt the need to write about them. You'll see that review here . This 18 strong polish collection is on shelves from this week and I urge you to go pick your favourite colour or three at speed. 

My professional mani lasted a full eight days under seriously gruelling conditions, that's hugely impressive. The gel retains it's high shine for the duration and removes just like a normal polish. #OMGel it's a game changer. 

3. Clinique Sonic Cleansing System

I didn't hop on the Clarisonic bandwagon on its first or second circle 'round the course. The price point, starting at €149 was too eye watering for me to ever justify. Clinique's new Sonic Cleansing System will change many a mind like mine over the coming weeks I'm sure. 

The only sonic brush to rival the Clarisonic, this handy white brush is a cinch to use. The brush has a changeable, ergonomic head with soft white bristles that gradient into more coarse green fibres on a tapered tip for cleansing your chin and T Zone. Working on a 30 second cycle, I keep this waterproof brush in the shower and use it nightly for a one minute cycle. In the four weeks I've been using it, I've actually looked forward to cleansing and the resulting effect in the morning. That's new for me. I'll have the full low down very soon but, for now, put this baby on your Christmas list. 

4. Garnier 1 Week Glow: €12.99 Here

Ambre Solaire's new 1 Week Glow gives me more like a 4 days of sun kissed skin ~ though knocks the socks of my favourite high end gradual facial tanners two and three times its price. 

I apply it before bed at night and it dries in in moments, with only the slightest scent. When people ask me 'Hey you're a beauty blogger, what products do you love?' (that's asked more often than you know) this bronzer is one of the first products to roll off my tongue. Check it out, sooner rather than later.

5. Nuxe Merveillance Night: €40 Avail Late Sept

Aimed at skin heading toward 40, my visage and I still have a good 4 years to go but are thankful for this newest Nuxe formulation. Merveillance Night is designed to break down sugars that can have seriously damaging and aging effects on the skin and leads to cell breakdown, lines and wrinkles. 

This lighter than air plastic jar has never been further than my bedside table for the past month. Once cleansed and oiled my skin drinks up every drop of the lightly scented cream for a soft, supple finish. I'm unsure yet as to whether it's changing my skin at a molecular level but if you're looking for a lightweight, heavy hitting night cream, look no further than Nuxe. 

6. Lorac Pro Palette: €32 Here

You're online looking at this post so it's pretty much guaranteed that you've seen the Lorac Pro palette before. A stalwart of beauty blogger stashes and vlogger hauls, it was only a matter of time before I made the Amazon purchase. 

While I've been giving Lorac Unzipped most of my eyelid attention over the past several months, I've made a concerted effort in August to give the Lorac Pro its rightful airing. With 8 shimmers and 8 mattes, the world of eyeshadow looks truly is your lobster. I can't tell you the compliments I've had while wearing it, including from every single beauty PR I've had the pleasure of meeting this past month. If you have eyeballs, you need this palette. 

7. Estée Lauder Modern Muse Chic: 
€58 Launches Oct

Estèe Lauder's new Modern Muse Chic is woodier and muskier than the original but bright florals still bind the scent beautifully. I've made no secret of the fact that I could smell absolutely nothing from the original Modern Muse once spritzed on me. I even had scent experts tell me that's because it's my scent, the one I should wear always. Unfortunately the scent of nothing on me, for everyone else's olfactory pleasure was never going to fly. 

Modern Muse Chic though? I'm trying not to overstate it, but there's a chance Sensual will be ousted this season. *Gasssps* It's certainly chic. It's definitely love. 

8. Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Pencils:

These Nars Velvet Matte dupes are another product that I would happily recommend to all and sundry in an instant. You'll see my full gushing review here but truthfully, the second these bad boys hit stands in their entirety, I'll be there. 

9. Shisiedo Ulitmune: Launches This Week!

Marketed by Japanese skincare giants, Shiseido, as a game changer in caring for our skin, Ultimune launches this week.  A power infusing concentrate that aims to not only enhance our skins natural defenses but to work with our skincare products to bring radiance and light back to tired, dull and lacklustre visages. 

Ultimune is a gel like cream that is meant for use as a pre-serum step, ideally after cleansing and before your normal skincare. For the first 2-3 weeks that's exactly how I used it and really enjoyed the extra hydration it gave. Unfortunately I became a little lax (read lazy mare) and began to use it instead of my serum. (can we really convince peeps to do an extra step?). Truthfully though? I'm still achieving the same great effect by swapping it out for serum altogether. 

It has only been a month of use so I'm not sure about overall, lasting changes and will update you but, as it stands, Shiseido Ultimune is a little touch of luxury in my night time routine that I'll be loathe to give up. My hyper pigmentation has calmed and my skin tone is definitely more even. Looks to me like I've found my ideal skincare combination with the Clinique brush, Ultimune and Merveillance of an eve. Sa-WEET!

Tell me, what were you loving last month? Any of these raising a brow? 

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