Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Moments: 29/09/14

Morning All, doesn't it feel good to be alive today? Pishahh I say to that 'Oh God, it's Monday' BS - yes, it's Monday, that means a new week, a fresh start, and another chance to be grateful for the little things that make you laugh or better your life. It really is the little things, peeps. My top five Moments go thusly: 

1. The Lovely Marissa Carter Recording One of My Beauty Tips For Expose 

2. Spending 2 Days On Stunning Lusty Beg Island with One of My Besties, Making New Pals 
Courtesy of RDC

3. Realising on That Trip That The PR I've Been Chatting With All Month is 
a Long Lost Childhood Pal! 

Adam Sending a Txt to Say 
'So BASIC it hurts' 

5. There Being Such A Huge Turn Out At
Saturday's March For Choice That I Couldn't Even Find My Pals!

So, enough of bemoaning the fact it's a Monday, tell us, what's one thing that went right for you this week? One thing that makes you a little more grateful for today? 

It's cathartic, I swear!

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