Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things I'm Trialling ft Aussie, Clarins, Max Factor, The Body Shop, L'Occitane & Smashbox

Another seriously busy week in Casa Cherry this week with trials and testings. It must be said though, this weeks beauty batch were particularly lovely. Wanna see how I got on? 

1. Aussie Dual Personality Volume & Gloss: £4.99 Here

You know when they say 'it does exactly as it says on the tin'? That's this Aussie hairspray and then some. The scent is like exotic fruits, a personal favourite part of the entire Aussie brand. 

Just a couple of spritzes creates serious volume, without residue or crunch. It doesn't hold a candle to Elnett for the brush out factor (what does?), I found my hair easily matted when I tried to brush it through, which is a shame. If you're washing your hair straight after wearing though, that really doesn't matter. If you're looking for huge volume and noticeable shine - pick one of these bad boys up. 

2. Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquers: €8.99 Here

This incredibly bright nail polish launch from Max Factor garnered an audible gasp when I opened the package. Just look at them. Each shade is more vibrant than the last, with something for just about everyone's polish taste. 

There are many gel effect polishes on the market today and truth be told the Gel Shine Lacquers are way up there when it comes to formulation and finish. Three thin coats will give you a stunningly rich, high shine finish that actually looks like their salon counterpart. Promising 7 days of wear, I found they last more like 5 but for just €8.99 a pop, that's a win. 

3. L'Occitane Arlésienne Range: Launches Nov 1st

There really is no brand equal to L'Occitane for new, innovative scents through their ranges and the upcoming Arlésienne is no different. I was dubious to learn that their Christmas release would be a floral but oh how wrong I was. 

It's quite possibly the peppery saffron that makes this scent such a standout but rose and violet add beautiful light floral balance. You'll pick up bright mandarin orange on the first spritz but the dry down to sandalwood and tonka bean mean lovers of deeper scents will be drawn to Arlésienne too. I have never smelled anything quite like it. 

I'll have a full collection post showcasing the entire range in the coming weeks but if the queues of lovely ladies that swarm my desk for a spray on the daily are owt to go by, this is going to be a huge crowd pleaser come release. 

4. Clarins True Radiance: €31 Here

Again Clarins True Radiance is going to need an entire post so that I can sing its praises highly enough. This medium coverage, dewy finish foundation has replaced everything else for me since I managed to get my mitts on it a fortnight ago. 

Formulated with oats, samphire and morninga seed, it brings light and hydration to the face with ease, wears like a lightweight BB cream but will stay in place all day through. I've had several compliments since sporting True Radiance, it's definitely another base win from Clarins. 

5. Vichy Idealia Eyes: €20.99 Here

French brand, Vichy know skin and this newest member of the Idealia family is just further testament to that fact. The soft pink cream has a very subtle pearly shimmer to blur fine lines around the eye area and the lightweight, almost silicone feeling formulation works to neutralise under eye bags and discolouration in seconds. 

Containing Vitamin CG, B3, caffeine and anti-pigmenting Eperculine and Procysteine, Idealia Eyes just works. The silicone applicator, though strangely reminiscent of a platypus bill, (designed to mimic the light touch of your ring finger) distributes just the right amount of product so makes application child's play. If you're looking for a brightening, lightening under eye cosmetic that pulls no punches then you're looking for this. 

6. The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Polish Remover: €8.95

Our poor nails really do go through the ringer with polishes and removers but The Body Shop are about to do them a solid. This new Sweet Almond Oil remover is acetone free, conditioning and nourishing with thanks to soya and Fair Trade sugarcane essence but it also softens dried out, mistreated cuticles too. 

It can often happen with removers that claim to care for our nails that they're just no good at at their primary function, removing polish, but not so here. Gel effect polishes were removed with just one swipe and my nails felt no where near as dry as they can with harsher variants. All that and it's lightly scented too. Love this stuff. 

7. Max Factor Skin Luminizer: €17.99 Here

I wanted to love Max Factor's Skin Luminizer, I really did. Unfortunately it just didn't love me. Formulated with a swirl of skin luminizers (oh man I love a good swirl) that promise a dewy finish, this gave me anything but. 

I learned fast that brushes aren't your friend with this base so on my second application I tried with fingers only and that seemed to help. Just not enough. I'm pretty lucky that I usually have normal skin but this clung to every dry patch that I didn't even know I had. Though the coverage is only mid range with a semi matte finish, it just felt cakey on my skin. I'd proffer that dry skinned chicas should give this one a miss, despite the siren call of luminous claims. 

Should you be an oilier lovely though, I can see that this could very well work for you. Foundations that offer luminosity to oily skin types really are few and far between, so if you're in the market, I'd urge you to check it out.

8. The Body Shop Colour Crush Polishes: €7.50 (From Oct 2nd)

Holy instant polish hit, Batman, these Body Shop Colour Crushes are bloody gorgeous! Opaque in one coat and with a high shine, gel effect, finish in just two, I haven't been this instantly enamoured with a nail polish in a very long time. The added boon of quick drying time is just the cherry atop this HG nail lacquer cake. 

Not only vegan, cruelty free and 3-free, these polishes are formulated with Fair Trade marula oil that adds to the high gloss finish. I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop's Fair Trade ethos, particularly when it leads to cracking releases such as this one. A beauty product that not only looks good but makes you feel good too? This 24 strong nail polish edit is about to become very popular indeed. 

9. Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Lacquer: On counters Sept 17th

When it comes to beauty innovation, Smashbox are always a brand to watch. This upcoming launch of Lip Lacquers are about to change the pro longwear game once more and I couldn't be more excited. Usually to have saturated, high shine lip colour you sacrifice wear time - not so with this new 20 shade edit. 

The vibrant gloss applies like a dream with zero tack but wears beautifully for hours on end, thanks to the highly coloured staining pigments. While the high lacquer effect is gone in about 60 minutes, you're left with brightly stained lips that feel nourished, thanks to the Vitamin E inclusion but look like you've reapplied only moments before. Can't wait for this line to hit counters, I'll be picking up another 3-4 shades - at least!

Tell us, anything here you might want to investigate further? Be sure to check out this week's Insta pic HERE for Things I'm Trialling this week too, those speedy reviews and first impressions will be up next week!

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