Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Moments - 14/11

Another week gone already? Either I'm getting ould or time is speeding up.... Careful now..

1. How Wonderful  Awful!

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I don't mind meetings, really I don't. Even when they're by the coast on possibly the most beautiful afternoon of the year. I'll still show up, eager to get stuff done. As I did on Thursday, only to be met by a baleful Principal saying 'I'm so sorry to have brought you all this way but something has come up, do you mind if we postpone?' 

Picturing a sun drenched harbour coffee shop in my very near future my only response could be 'No, no, that's fine. These things happen'. I'm understanding like that.

2. Location, Location, Location

I may have found our perfect home this week. My one moment was finding this pic online, the next speaking to the agent, followed by speaking to my bank. Culminating in seeing this place in real life. Holy Moly its gorgeous. Ever just get a feeling about a place? 

Either way, if THE MOVE is to happen a lot of other things need to fall into place but I think we're in love. Unless of course you're the Agent or the seller reading this, in which case 'It's alright, like. I suppose'. 

3. Fear Not, balloonless child!

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It was my mad nieces' 5th birthday on Tuesday and what with them being crazy about Cap'n America that's exactly where their Mam brought them for lunch. The very helpful staff gave them birthday cake and balloons, that includes their younger brother Séamus. What happens when you refuse to have your balloon tied to your wrist? That's right, kids, the ceiling ates it. 

Cue Séamus almost losing his lunch in devastation when out from the shadows steps a chap. A chap with a ladder! We didn't even see him as we were eating yet here he was, to save the day. Séamus' stunned response? 'Thank you so, so much, mister','Mam, will you tie this on?'

4. Like Momma, Like Boy

You might remember I mentioned during the week how the youngest Gorgebag dragged me along to a midnight launch? By the by, he promised me a week of tea that has yet to materialise! Anyway...

I got a call in the office the following day to ask for Adam 'Exqueeze Me?'. Turns out he'd only gone and won yet another draw GameStop were holding. He was absolutely delighted as was I for him. Delighted too to know that he takes after his Momma in the lucky stakes. Don't say looky stakes though, that drives him bonkers. 

5. Loophole Loveliness

With Christmas on the way and product piggery reaching endemic levels a few Twidder lovelies and I have decided on a collective spending ban. (You know who you are, the eye of Sauron is on ye!). Taking this seriously there has even been a hashtag thought of #operationshutyerpursehole. 

We know I'm a fiend for the polish so spying the freebie on offer with this month's Glamour I was overjoyed. Technically I didn't buy the polish, I bought a magazine for €2.84 with a €15 polish attached. Spending ban loopholes FTW!

Any happy haps with you beautiful people this week, that you'd care to share?


Unknown said...

I want that kitchen! invite me over for tea if things pan out!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff? Zumba at work during lunchtime. I'm still glowing virtuously!


Sue Jordan said...

Oh there'll be a party alright, Sarah ;)

EleanorJane have heard such good things about Zumba! Worth a go?

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I hope you and the house are very happy together and I shall come visit you both! And I also totes caved and bought Glamour this morny but doesn't count as breaking #operationshutyourpursehole correct?

Sue Jordan said...

Judge bit lest ye be judged and all that jazz...

What colour did you get? Aren't they lahhfley?

S said...

Ooh that kitchen is FAB. I even like the vase. Hope it works out for you! I should really go on a spending ban too, it is getting a bit ridiculous... and I totally didn't buy two copies of the same magazine just for free polish, because that would be ludicrous. (Tate and Victoria, FYI)

Sue Jordan said...

I'm so going back tomorrow Shar ;)

boredmum said...

wow, the best of luck, the house looks amazeballs, Well done to the Gorgebag winning the prize,