Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Moments - 20/02/12

What a bizzay week that has been and even busier weekend! Around the time this is published I should be white with nerves for an impending interview - definitely not a Monday Moment...

Anywho, I'm not there yet, here's what's been floating my boat this week:

1. Mo' Money

I know I'm not the only one struggling these days but January and the beginning of February this year felt like about 6 months. Because of a mix up with the job, my wages (as measley as they are) were even measlier. 

Just short of wearing a placard reading 'Won't someone think of the children' I managed to chase up Payroll and Thursday saw the last of my back pay handed over. Rockerfeller! (for a week). Probably the best feeling in the world. 

2. Echo, echo, echoooo...

How I now enter every room (almost)
Spurred on by getting my spondulicks sorted, I decided that now was as good a time as any to start a little spring cleaning. I hired a skip on Saturday and we've basically spent the weekend gutting this crap shack. 

The inhouse, outhouse and doghouse were blitzed, no drawer left overstuffed and no wardrobe (or floordrobe) left overflowing. The place is never that bad but it's glorious to get up and be tempted to twirl your way round the rooms á lá Julie Andrews (without the singing childer).  

3. Can You Hear Me Now?

Because of the nature of my daytime job I'm pretty much constantly on the phone. When I'm not I'm bombarded with a gazillion voicemails. Take Friday, for example, I had an afternnon meeting that went on for 40 minutes and came out to 17 voicemails. It's no joke. 

Foraging my way through them, each more urgent and 'accident waiting to happen'dy that the last I came across one gem. 'Aunty Sue, it's me, I'm looking for you. 'Aunty Sue, could you answer me?. 'Aunty Suuuuuuuueeeeeeee'. It was mah main man, Séamus (3) probably with something more urgent than any of the others and he made me smile uncontrollably. 4 times I listened to that message. Four times. (yep, it's saved)

4. I Have the Powahhh!!

 There's a lot of things I do really well (toot, toot, own trumpet) but showing restraint when it comes to buying nail polish is not of of them. Save staying out of the shops altogether I find it very, very difficult to pass a make up stand or display with new polishes and not pick up a bottle or three. 

Now, consider that polish piggery problem and add in the fact that I was paid this week... Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! That's why my second proudest moment this week happened on Saturday. Seeing Catrice's new line (including a feckin' marvellous Peridot Dupe,yo) I promptly filled my basket with four or five. I'm not sure how this next bit happened but I talked myself out of them. Told myself, sternly, that I didn't in fact need a Peridot dupe when I own the bloody original and put every single bottle back! Shocking, right?

5. Look, Maw, I'm Famous!!

So my final moment and, without doubt, proudest, comes courtesy of the wonderful McDermott sisters over on the largest beauty blog in Ireland today (& for the past 5 years) This week the girls allowed me to feature on their blog and I couldn't be more thankful. If you've read my blog for any amount of time you'll know I heart these girls and everything they do. They were and are my inspiration to take to blogging and couldn't be more supportive or helpful if they tried. 

Racking my brain to come up with a post worthy of inclusion, I went with nails (told you, addicted) and put together a Valentine's look that's simple to recreate but doesn't look too shoddy. When the post went live on Tuesday I think NASA may have been able to see my gnashers from space. Complete Chuffage. Thanks, Ladies!

So that's me, another week done. Do please tell me what's ace with you in the comments or if not try & send some positive interview vibes my way, ja?


Corrina said...

Loving your Monday Moments when I read them I usually laugh out loud & the eggs ask me what I'm laughing at just like today. I told Seamus his Aunty Sue was writing on the computer about him. He just said I love my Aunty Sue, she calls me sausage :)

Unknown said...

Love these posts Sue they always cheer me up. And your post on totally rocked xo

Unknown said...

Good week sue

Sue Jordan said...

He is a sausage!!! Thanks Sis x

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks, Em, huge congrats on your posts too! Great to see you on the Mothership x

Sue Jordan said...

Absolutely, Mags, these Monday's Moments are getting easier to do. PMA FTW! ;)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

A good week all round innit?! First up, am totes inspired to declutter my house and fully expect to be dragged to mine to help when I get the skip, I'll need you to stand guard because my neighbourhood will dump their own crap rather than take mine hehe

Second, am delighted for ya with your post, twas brilliant and well deserved :)

Thirdly, how in the name of everything that is holy in the world, put polishes back?! Teach me your ways O Strong One ;)

Two Fashion Geeks said...

The part about your Seamus was so cute. I love cute voicemail messages - I'd keep them forever.

Anonymous said...

Cheering moments, even if I'm coming to them a few days late. Lovely to see you blowing your own horn and celebrating some good stuff. :)