Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Squeezey Does It - Lash Control Mascara

Behold a new and unique contender in the lash batter market. A novel idea, patented to save you product, time, grubby mitts and mascara filled tissues. A squeezable mascara tube, no less. Genius.

Promising to banish raccoon eyes and stay in place until you remove it with warm water, I was intrigued to test this out.

Simply squeeze the rubber insert as you pull the wand for your desired amount of product.

A firm grip will mean very little product on the brush (which is way up the better end of mascara brush offerings) to create a natural lash look. 

And a looser hold will mean mucho mascara to work with for a more dramatic look.

Must say, I like this. A lot. The idea, at first, seemed a little gimmicky to me but I've been trialling this for a week now and my lashes have held their look and lasted all day, every time.

It does have a tendency toward flaky into the evening but all in all it's a good wear. I'm not so sure about the removal with warm water though, any mascara that can stay put all day will need something a little more than uisce for removal, again, I'm not complaining but it's worth noting.

Pic courtesy of the lovely Laura Bermingham on the Twidder Machine (@berminghamlaura)

There are 3 variations of this mascara in Lash Control's line up, two black and one clear, both black offerings are available over on the wonderful for €20 each, who very kindly supplied this sample for my perusal. 

What say we? Intriguez vous?


Anonymous said...

hmmmm doesn't seem that great.

Karen said...

Muy interesante, wear please later so I can see on eyeballs ;)

MissGreenEyes said...

It's a good idea I s'pose, if you really loved the mascara & wanted to get more use out of it - I'm so fickle when it comes to mascara though, I don't think I've ever used even half of a tube before I lose interest. I also don't get along well with squeezy things - think ketchup on the wall o_O

melitta said...

very interesting, this rubber insert. I like this brush

Yolandaas said...

It looks great!..x