Monday, February 06, 2012

Monday's Moments - 7/02/12

So Blogger reckoned you didn't want to see this weeks Monday's Moments and decided to delete it eh? Nice try, Blogger! 

Here be 5 moments (aside from scuppering Blogger's plans) that have made my Monday:

1. Durrty..

I've had a lot of site visits this past couple of weeks and we all know how gick the weather has been. The wilds of Rush and potato bearing tractors do love to splash the bejebus out of my little batmobile, resulting, of course, in constant windscreen washing. 

On Friday, I did the usual, pulled the lever and realised the water pump was bone dry. Disaster. I was planning my pull in to use my own bottle of water when I pulled up behind a Honda Civic in traffic. Driving which was an overzealous wind screen washer. He pulled his lever twice and the soapy water went up, over his roof and landed nicely on my scruffy windscreen. Thank you kindly, good Sir, oh and wash your windscreen will you? It's a driving hazard. 

2. What are These Doing Here?!

The youngest Gorgebag urgently requested my presence in GameStop this weekend. Only because he wanted a 16s game and they're professional enough to look for ID or a beleaguered parent that hasn't heard enough gun fire in her home. 

Waiting on him to be served, I realised GameStop sell CDs, who knew? Not only do they sell CDs but they sell crackers of CDs. I picked up these two for €3.99. €2 each for two of my favourite albums?! Bargain of the year. (so far).  

3. Chin, Chin

I've spoken about my bestie in Wexford before. She had a little girl and moved down last year. Would you believe that the champers I mentioned in that post had made it 6 months? 

I got to visit them this weekend (& terrify the locals in the little shebeen beside her in the process) but we, finally, managed to crack open the good stuff. Toasting her royal highness as she slept was probably the highlight of my weekend. 

4. Who's that Girl?

Moment four was seeing my very own nail art featured on That's right, me, moi and my pingys up there for all to see. I couldn't be more chuffed about this one. 

If you haven't checked out Hello Giggles yet, skidaddle on over. Founded by actress/musician ZOOEY DESCHANEL, producer SOPHIA ROSSI and writer/Internet Sensation MOLLY MCALEER, it's the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females. Also, it makes me guffaw. Daily. *pats self on back*

5. My New Obsesh!

Lastly we have my new all consuming obsession. Gotye. A lovely Twidder lady tweeted this link last week and I just can't stop listening to not only this song but everything this man has done. He's a little bit Peter Gabriel, a little bit Sting and 100% genius. Your average Joe Schmoe doesn't get almost 63 million views on Youtube, right?

Sitting into the car this morning I turned on FM104 and lo and behold the opening bars of this track played. G'wan the Gotye. I haven't arrived to work so happy in quite a while. Press play there and become obsessed like Moi (if you're not already). 

So that's me, another week down and a fresh one beginning. Have you had anything outstanding happen this week? Do share in the comments, won'tcha?


Unknown said...

I got a link of goyte from cupcakesand scissors you tube Chanel )check her out she is lovely lives in Brooklyn and has a nail polish obsession... Anyway I have been obsessed since then

cornflakegirl said...

I'm obsessed with Gotye too, love that song (I found two brilliant covers of it on YouTube too).

Love both the albums you bought, such a bargain.

Congrats on having your nails featured on Hello Giggles.

Highlights of my week were sending off my final college application and the brilliant feedback I got on the v short story I posted on the blog.

Shelleyti said...

Must look up this Gotye guy on youtube - been listening to the tune on the ray-dee-o all week, tis catchy!
Pat on the back for getting onto Hello Giggles too... Confirmation of your great skillz :)
Highlight of my week was meeting some of my best school friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in a long time) for a good chat, giggles, memories and a game of charity bowling.

Sue Jordan said...

Ah excellent, nothing like a good catch up. Haven't been bowling in yonks, which is an awful shame - there's an alley across the road!

Sue Jordan said...

Checking her out Immediately! You've yet to see me wrong on the tube of You, Mags x

Sue Jordan said...

Yeah, love 'em, Paula. Huge congrats on sending off your application - so exciting!

Sarah said...

I cannot stop listening to that song! I also like to pronounce it as 'got-yeeeeeeee' as opposed to the real fancy way. :D I love your nail art so it's no wonder it was featured on HelloGiggles, well done!!


Sue Jordan said...

You could say it any way you please in your Sexy accent, Sarah ;) There's a very real possibility that I'm obsessed with the man. Need a Got-yeeeee/Rideface hybrid in my life. It's decided x

Makeup Over Mind said...

Wow - congrats on the nail thing! That's amazing! The windscreen wiper thing too was pretty epic....:)

Unknown said...

I tried to heart my nails as you did, but ehmm.. they didn't look good as yours, so I better go and practice more. Or maybe my paperclip isn't good enough. Yes, that's it! =))