Friday, 24 February 2012

Wanderlust Tickets Up for Grabs

Today, I'm delighted to announce, is the first day that I'll be working with the good folks of Universal Pictures Ireland to bring you exclusive content and competitions for some of the best movies and merchandise to hit Irish shores. (WHOOT)

First up, in association with Universal (it has a certain ring to it doesn't it?) I have four sets of tickets to see what looks like it could be one of the funniest films of late, Wanderlust.

I've two sets for the blog and two for Facebook  and all you've got to do is leave a comment telling me: Who would be the worst person/celebrity to meet at a nudist colony? (It'd have to be Inda Kenny for me *shudder*)

Leave your comment below and include the ID you use to follow the blog (GFC, Bloglovin etc) and I'll pick four winners next Thursday March 1st, the film opens on the 2nd). This is only open to Ireland unfortunately and under 18s, do please get permission to enter. 

Good Luck Everyone!


remeneerb said...

Has to be Brian Cowen for me - dear god, can you imagine!! xx

RedEyeDream said...

A Victoria Secrets model, because that would make you feel REAL good about yourself ... right?

GFC - RedEyeDream

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Laura McCarthy said...

Larry King! -shudder-
GFC - this!
Email - said...

Charlie Sheen

Sandra Mulhall said...

Rob Kearney or Johney Sexton, I think my eyes would pop out of my head and my jaw would hit my toes!!! Have met them with their clothes on and I was like a damsel in distress so imagine if I met them without their clothes on!!!!!!!!! haha :O :O

The Minister said...

I can't believe you said Enda Kenny and forgot about the Minister for Health.

I think Dr. Riley would be a horrible sight, as he bounced into view of your beachside bonfire, blasting jungle music at three in the morning...

Kat said...

Def brian cowen uggh

linda said...

Donatella Versace!
GFC- linda callaghan

NiamhO said...

Mary Harney, My eyes!! hahaha
GFC: NiamhO

Lee said...

Rowan Atkinson!!! He gives me the willies!

Unknown said...

maybe we are looing at this the wrong way maybe it would be worse to be naked beside super hotness...i would be morto infront of rideface...jasus leafs big enough (mags)

Mathair Milis said...

an old pervey school teacher of mine, ugh!

mell61 said...

anyone with bad boob job.... its bad enough trying not to look at 2 melons when they are dressed, but undressed... yuck!

Boredhousewife said...

John McCririck,he gives me the creeps,makes my stomach turn to think of him,uugghh..Jean Kelly

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