Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LoveBot, Baby, LoveBot

Happy Valentines Day you sexy mo' fo's! I know my last VDay nails weren't your typical colours but I thought I should make a special effort for the day itself.

I picked up this cute little dood in River Island last week (only a tenner, yo) and have been thinking about recreating him ever since.

Colours used: TopShop Starlight & OPI Sparrow Me the Drama
The hearts are made using the paper clip method as with the last ones
LoveBot himself is made using a tiny art brush (you can pick one up for about €2 in Eason's)
Finish up with black dots for his eyes, using a toothpick, and you're done!

Any rosemantic plans for the day, ladies? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Aw I love me some Lovebot! Great work again :)

Unknown said...


Scarie said...

Gorgeous! reminds me slihgtly on your nails of Johnny 5 alive!!!!

Unknown said...

beautiful and cute.. am in work tonight so cant even paint my nails

Sandy Beach said...

They're soooo pretty.