Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clarin's Odyssey for Christmas 2012: Face Palette & Eye Quartet

You may have seen these beautiful gilded beauties on a couple of sites recently but truth be told, I'm only now gathering the courage to swatch them. As a beauty blogger that's never happened me before but it does mean that what Clarin's have done with the Odyssey palettes is something very special indeed. 

Clarins Odyssey Face Palette: €55

Can you see why I was hard pressed to mess with the Odyssey Face palette? It's a soft and creamy beige powder with a fine golden over spray that equates to a delicate shimmer on the skin. Retailing at €55, there's not a woman you or I know that wouldn't squee just a little bit at a gorgeous gift like this. 

The heavy weight, ornate golden casing would make a stunning addition to any dressing table but would also be a luxurious compact for your evening bag, encased in its signature red velvet Clarin's sleeve. 

On the skin the golden shimmer is almost undetectable, working only to add luminosity (it's a word) to the face and décolletage where applied. 

Clarin's Odyssey Eye Quartet: €40

The creamy soft neutral shadows (but one) housed in the Odyssey Eye Quartet are enough to bring any make up look from day to night. These shadows can be used wet or dry and once applied refuse to budge for the duration. 

I honestly can't show you this beauty without drawing your attention to one of the most beautiful shadows I've probably ever seen. That vibrantly pigmented, luxurious gold is almost damp to the touch. Applied to the skin it's literally creamy soft gold leaf and although you 'd imagine huge fallout, it's one of the most durable colours of the set. 

If you're on the hunt for a palette to bring you right through the party season, or indeed a stunning pressie for someone a little bit special, you really can't look much further than Clarin's Odyssey collection. 

For me, I've now put both palettes back into their red velvet sleeves and back into their boxes until the next time I want to treat my peepers. 

What do you think? Reckon Clarin's have gotten it right with these? 


laura said...

Both of these products are just divine! Clarins have really upped their game in makeup. the packaging & quality of products is fab,waay better than what it used to be. love both!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Am in the love with these guys, they're gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I'm in love with them all! will defo be on my christmas list hope I get lucky.

new to this blogging follow each other ?:)

Nikki said...

I am in love with the eye shadows!!! :O I am so in love I am going to try get my hands on one! Thanks!