Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Nails Made Easy with ImPRESS!

Happy Halloween y'all, today I've something a little different. The very lovely Róisín over at Cuti-Clue-les has given the imPress Halloween offerings a little test run for us and is here to give us the 411 - Roll it there, Róisín! (I couldn't resist)...

Hey all,

Over the weekend I was trying out the Total Witch Limited edition imPRESS nails for Sue. Basically they are black French tips set on a web design with holographic glitter and an accent of a holographic spider on some nails.This is my first go at false nails so I was really interested to see how they would come out. It takes a fair while for me to do nail art so I thought these would be a great time-saver. Here's how I faired out with them anyway....

Each pack comes with 24 nails, a little file and prep pad (which smells a bit like those disinfectant wipes from a first aid box) I found it a bit difficult to find nails to suit my fingers. I thought they looked grand but up close there are huge gaps on each side of the nail.This may be because I have square shaped nails and the imPRESS nails have a slight curve on each the side. It meant the nails started peeling away from the nail a bit which was disappointing.

They claim to last a week but to be honest I doubt it. Mine barely lasted the day. The urge to pick them off was too strong. You do get a great sense of achievement when you pluck one off though-it's like that scene from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (it feels like your natural nail might be suction off at the same time) They do stick on well though so I think these would be amazing for those one day events that ya get suckered into attending and can't be bothered painting your nails :P You would have no bother popping them on in 5 minutes and they feel strong and sturdy on your nails.

You can cut them a bit if you feel the length is a bit much. They don't crack or chip but the little file they include in the pack is not good enough to file them all down. This also adds on a fair bit of time to the actual process. All in all though these are fairly handy to have in your stash. Definitely give them a go if you haven't already. I think you can pick some up in Penny's for around €5 too. I'd be interested to see whether they
have some nail designs coming out for Christmas! I may never post me own nail art again if they do :)

Have ye tried out the imPRESS nails pack yet?


Didn't she do a fantastic job? Thanks a million, R! Be sure to head over to her blog and check out some of her awesome hand painted nail creations, Girl's got serious talent. 

Whatever you're up to tonight, stay safe and think of the fur babies won't you. Happy Halloween, everyone! 

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