Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Essie Good to Go: Fast Drying Top Coat

You'll see from my Pro Beauty haul pic in this morning's post that one of the goodies I picked up was Essie's Good to Go fast drying top coat. Yep, you'll also see I picked up four Seche Vite but that's my HG top coat and it was half price = no brainer. 

I had a chuckle with Karen when I read the 'the fastest drying top coat' tagline, even going so far as goad the bottle with a 'I'll be the judge of that, thankyouverymuch'. So a couple of uses later, how does it fare? 

As you can see from the pic, my first difficulty with Good to Go was that when applied to wet polish, it transfers your polish to the brush. It's a huge annoyance as in order not to destroy both your brush and your pristine bottle of top coat, you'd have to wait until your polish was dry to apply. Kind of defeats the purpose of a fast drying polish, non?

Secondly, I know I'm spoiled with the 60 second, high shine drying powers of Seche Vite but when a product claims to be 'the fastest drying top coat' it's not unreasonable for me to expect that it would at least match that speed, right? Apparently not. 

Having painted both hands, given them a flap and waited a mo, I touched my first thumb and completely smudged my paint job. I'm talking about ninety seconds plus here. Rage. All in all it took about two - three minutes to be touch dry. Relatively speaking, that ain't 'fast', Hombre. In fact...

While the finish, when it does dry, is beautifully shiny, unfortunately, Essie, you're not quick enough for my impatient ways. As a standard top coat it's lovely, just not the one you want to grab when you're in a hurry is all. 

Have you tried this top coat before? Did you fare any better? 

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Unknown said...

Oh dear, will definitely give this one a miss. I haven't the patience! Thanks Sue xo