Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday's Moments - 22/10

I've no idea how it's Monday already but despite my best efforts to will it otherwise, here we are. Nowt else for it than to share some Moments in the hope of lifting the funk eh? 

1. A Box in the Ears for San Diego 

This week I've mostly been fending off Kato attacks from the youngest (nothing new there) and threats such as 'How about I box you in the ears for San Diego?'. It was only when the little git sent me this that I realised what he was talking about. 

In hindsight, I glad of the addition of the words 'Thuggery' and 'Buffoonery' to my repertoire but threats from your child to 'Knock me in the spectacles' aren't cool. I don't wear spectacles. 

2. Dah Dah Daddle Dah Dah Dah Dah Circus...

I mentioned last week that the Sis and I managed to bring her little ones along to the Madagascar 3 screening. This little chicken, however, didn't make it. It was just as well then that there was enough afro wigs to go around and there was one sent home for him. 

The Sis sent me this pic to show how thrilled he is to be part of Afro Circus and every time I've needed a smile this week one squizz at this has done it :) 

3. Back Up, Buddy! 

Another day, another screening. This time it was the eldest Gorgebag and I just out of Skyfall on Wednesday and at the ATM on a dark O'Connell St. I wasn't paying full attention as I was taking my money from the machine but some dude approached us and tried to put his arm around him saying 'Here, Buddy'. 

Before I even realised it Aaron stood tall and put his hands up saying, in his manliest voice (that I've never heard before), 'HERE, BUDDY, BACK UP, NOW!'. I'm not sure which shocked me more but I got us out of there and into a cab. I couldn't be prouder of him, that and I'm now a little less worried about him out and about alone. Just a little, mind. 

4. The Earliest of Nights

Moment four will most likely ruin any street cred I have left but if I'm going down I'm taking Lorraine with me. We were at an evint last Friday you see that involved a full night of fashion, beauty, music and drinkies with an overnight stay in the hotel. 

Any normal party animal would have made full use, maybe even teetered off to Buskers for a boogie before hitting the hay. Our Party Animal mojo was sick on Friday though. Cue two Bridies tucked up with a cup of tea, watching True Movies and Trollololing by 10.30 at night. In reality, it was one of the most enjoyable, relaxing evenings I've had in donkey's years. I'm getting old. Fact. 

5. Delightful Dollyer


Saturday evening found me in one of the most unlikely places, even considering my new found Old Bridieness. On Dollymount Strand at 6.30pm no less. Thing is, it was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was setting as we strolled along and it was positively balmy for an October evening in Ireland. 

I don't think I've ever been out there when it was empty but I'm guessing everyone else thought it ludicrous to go to the beach at this time of the day/year. But for a couple of dog walkers the beach was completely deserted. I'd highly recommend it for an evening stroll. (Oh and pints in The Summit in Howth afterward too). 

What's being going on in your neck of the woods this week then? I'd love to know. 

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