Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's Moments - 29/10

Morning all, if you're reading this from Ireland I'm guessing it's late morning, such is the bliss of Bank Holiday Mondays. My plan today is to do absolutely zero, zilch, nada following a hectic week and even more hectic weekend. 

Just one downside of my jaunt to Wexford on Saturday to see a bestie being that my phone never made it home so my own pictures for this weeks Moments are lost forevah. Still, I coped. That and I'm quite enjoying the peace & quiet without the phone until I can have it replaced on Tuesday. Let's crack on, shall we? 

1. Making Mash

I happened to tweet last week about the devastating 'news' that James Blunt was quitting the music industry. It was only that evening that I got a message from the lovely @kirstie to say that it had made Mashable, one of the worlds largest web sites. 

Check out the mention here and let the record show that I'm not sorry, James, not one little bit.

2. Whoooosh!

I was collared to attend a meeting, last minute on Thursday afternoon, meaning I had to miss a very nice appointment that had been lined up for me, which put me in a foul humour. 

While sitting, waiting for the web cam to be set up and chewing my knuckles with fury, one of the attendees asked 'Are we all upset that Analogue is gone then?'. Quick as a flash, the Chair said 'Did she work in Housing?' and I almost spat out my water. Everyone turned to look at him, puzzled and he'd the biggest grin I've seen plastered across his face. Cue 5 minutes of explaining 'Anna.. Log.. Analogue.. Sounds like Anna... Geddit?' 'Is this thing on?'. Brightened my afternoon right up. 

3. Fwd? Yes, Please...

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that my work load had decreased extensively with handing over management of the School Warden Service. I miss them, sure, but the difference it's made to my working day is phenomenal. 

This week saw the school mid term approaching and one of the most time consuming and face achiest parts of the job, the setting up of spread sheets for the Wardens for the Department. It was only when I saw the reminder pop into my inbox that I realised how good it actually feels to press the FWD button and think no more about it. Let go and let God, I say, that and Thank Flute. 

4. Do You Want Some TMI With That? 

Moment four comes with the aid of Karen of the LovelyGirlybits as so many of 'em do. We met for a quick coffee on Thursday as she was leaving an evint and I was heading into a screening. As very often happens when we're chatting though, we're completely unaware that people might actually be listening. (Same happens on Twitter ALL THE TIME). 

The poor unfortunate this time though, was the girls serving us coffee, she got an earful of 'So your Waxperts appointment is tomorrow, yeah? Are you getting ALL the way up your leg done?'. Poor girl burst out laughing with the reddest face, meaning we burst out laughing too. We sorry, random coffee house worker, vay sorry.

5. He Ain't Heavy

Moment five still makes me smile thinking about it. While in the garage on Saturday waiting in line I overheard a young lad (about 8) making his sandwich order. 'I want a big pudding roll please', 'Do you like pudding?' says the girl, 'I love it, it's me favourite'. When she reached into the container though there was only one piece left. 

After telling him this, he said 'Ah no, well give it to me brother then (pointing at his little brother (about 5), he's starting to like pudding too'. It was all I could do not to noogie him for being so sweet and thoughtful, thinking that could be considered assault when they're strangers, I settled for whispering to him 'You're a very good big brother' and I just got a sheepish grin in return. Made my day. 

That's it for another week and another month. What's been going on in your neck of the woods? Anything making you smile of late? 

By the by and speaking of Waxperts
Do check out this hilarious review from 
Mags over at Emerald Eyeliner. It's one 
of the funniest things I've ever read
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Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I belieeeeeeve the conversation went a lil sumthin like this
Sue: "I'm heading to Waxperts tomorrow"
Karen: "Oh, whatchoo getting done?"
*Karen looks at Sue*
*Sue is giving the one eyebrow raised look*
Karen: "Ohhhh I seeeeee"
*Cashier breaks her shite laughing"