Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Midweek Moments Isseh?

Oooh apologies for the case of the never appearing Monday’s Moments this week. There’s a lot going on in Casa Cherry at the mo but I didn’t want the week to go by without taking time to reflect on the happy haps I’ve had. I also want to say Ta hugely to those of you that have tweeted & mailed asking where they disappeared to, it means an awful lot yo. So here we are: Monday’s Moments… of a Wednesday…

1.      What Trickery is This?!

It's obvious when you know it's there
It was a hectic week last week with screenings, events, work being up to 90 and life kicking my tush so I only had a chance on the way home from town on Wednesday night to do the weekly shop. Wandering the aisles like an extra from The Walking Dead, I decided to treat myself to a couple of bottles of Mixed Fruit Kopperberg. As you do.

Sat on the couch that evening I was enjoying one, while answering emails but realised that I wasn't reaching for nibbles, as I usually do when tipsy. I was feeling fairly spritely too after a bottle of cider that usually kicks in within minutes. It was then I saw the label. What. The. Actual… I should be delighted that the non alcoholic offering is so close in taste to the rocket fuel version but nope. I feel duped. I guess it'd probably be worse if I was feeling drunk on it, wouldn't it?

2.      Walking on Sunshine

Yep, they're totally my pins...

I mentioned before, more than once, my lust for a pair of these FitFlop Cherry lovelies. I mentioned too my shock at ever uttering the words ‘FitFlop’ and ‘Lust’ in the same sentence. Trying to justify the cost outlay for the past couple of weeks I had a huge surprise drop on the mat last week.

The company only went and sent me a pair. I’m ridiculously grateful, as I always am when a PR takes the time to send me something and as is my purse but this moment isn’t about showing the shiny mé féin moment, its about how comfortable these buggers actually are. 

The brand advise that you wear them for only a few hours at a time but I couldn't take them off. I’ve had umpteen (actual number) compliments and my dicky knee is giving me no hassle whatsoever when wearing them. Result. I’m loving them so much that I fully intend to pick up the black pair from my very own coffers. I'd say if you're considering them then jump (like me in that pic up there). 

3.      But I Made This One

I do like bad boys, to be fair

Heading into the coffee shop beside the office at lunch last week, I ran into the eldest Gorgebag and his ‘crew’ on their break. While the youngest would cross the road to avoid me in public, Aaron is a sweetheart regardless of where we are, he broke away from his mates and came over to say hello. We chatted for a mo and he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek before heading back to school.

When I got into the shop, a chap from IT was stood in the queue, obviously saw what happened and said ‘You’re like that teacher that ran away with the pupil’. ‘Ehhhh, I think you’ll find I’m not’… I guess I forget that my chil’ is head and shoulders above me, course he could look like my boyf *cough, splutter*

4.      Pro Behaviour at Pro Beauty

Vay Restrained. (It is!)

If you have any interest in beauty, chances are you'll have heard about and probably visited the Pro Beauty show last weekend in the RDS. Oodles of beauty at trade prices. It’s like Aladdin’s cave for any product nut.

Karen and I made a pact to get there early on Sunday, do minimal damage and get out. Bish, bash, bosh. Truth be told, I’d still squirreled money in my purse in case I lost all self control and bought ALL the things. I’m happy to report though that we were vay restrained. You'll see from the pic what I managed to pick up. Pretty daycent wouldn't you say?

5.      Meeting the Pixy(s)..Woo!

In great company innit. 

At that Pro Beauty show, I couldn't help but let out a little squeak when I saw the stand. I've written about them and their gorgeous natural products at length and am delighted to confirm that the Pixy Crew are just as gorgeous and natural themselves.

The one thing I think I enjoyed most about the day was getting to sniff all of the products in person. They’re phenomenal in real life and I couldn't help but make a note of all the gifts and *ahem* self gifts I'll be buying this Christmas. You can see from Moment 4 that I couldn't leave empty handed either. When I got home though I had a little browse through their catalogue and was thrilled to see this here blog quoted among other beautiful girls and sites. I knew there was a(nother) reason I loved these guys.

So tell me, even though it’s Wednesday, what’s been floating your boat this week? Hmmm?


Unknown said...

new shows starting back up brilliant. too many to mention here but revenge, person of interest, csi vegas to name just a few

Skylar Grey said...

Excellent post about the med week fashion. I like beauty collection of yours.

New Fashion Fantasy

Unknown said...

I love that you properly stocked up on sche v while you were at pro beauty. I got a pair of fit flop boots the ones like uggs - I didnt take them off all winter LOVE THEM - i love that they dont look like corrective shoes anymore