Tuesday, 16 October 2012

London Moments (Picture Heavy)

I mentioned yesterday our weekend to London, the Sis and I, well I thought I'd share a picture or three to let you see 'some' of the mayhem that ensued. Rest assured there'll be a beauty post later on should nosing at weekend snaps not float your boat. Shall we begin? 

First up, our hotel. We stayed in the Hilton in Canary Wharf, gorgeous place with super friendly staff. The beds were unbelievably comfortable and the shower goodies (Peter Thomas Roth) are some of the nicest I've used. We were up and out early each day (despite the hangovers) so were perfectly located for the underground. 

A few of the spots we managed to find ourselves in through the weekend. We decided on Saturday to use the Thames Clipper instead of the Tour Bus or Underground and saw London as we never have before. I'd highly recommend it for £15 for the day from Viator. 

The weather stayed beautiful for the weekend, if a little blustery on Sunday but the sunshine soaking into our bones was a welcome change from Dublin rain. We weren't too sure about Lattes on peoples' graves in the Crypt of St Paul's though, so gave that a miss (after a photo). 

We weren't short on entertainment for the weekend either, managing to catch both Wicked and The Woman in Black in the West End. While having a quiet scoop or two in the Sherlock Holmes, World Zombie Day descended upon us, their make up was seriously brilliant. That was probably one of the most surreal experiences I've had - that and dickeying up that Stag that stumbled in with 15 mates in a Play Boy Bunny suit (You don't want to see the other pics, trust me). 

Another of the many highlights had to be the Ghost Bus Tour, despite our best efforts they frightened the bejebus of us, though we weren't as bad as the youngsters on board (who does that?!) when the black out blinds shot down, the lights started flashing and the bus filled with dry ice. Seriously. Great craic altogether. 

For dinner time eats we were in Chiquito on Leicester Square (Those Mango-Rita pitchers were lethal) and Jamie Olivers in Convent Garden, the camera had died a death by then but both were seriously good. The Toasty Seats in Jamie Olivers have to be tried to be believed. Heaven. 

And that rounds up the photos I'm willing to share on a family blog. I am raging the camera didn't hold up throughout both days and nights but we were on the go continuously. 

Have you been to London before? Is there anything we should look out for next time (If we're allowed back)? 

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