Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's Moments - 15/10

We’ve a later than usual Monday’s Moments this week with Thanks to one of the most hectic, kick ass weekends I’ve had in quite a while. London town won’t be the same for a while after the Sis & I visited this weekend, nor will we come to think of it. I have a picture post coming up with a peak at some of the madness we got up to but in the mean time, there’s Moments to be getting on with!

    1. It Was You I Was Looking For

Clearing out the living room drawers last Monday, I happened across this unassuming little dude. He’s the USB cable from 3 or 4 phones ago – a Nokia apparently. It was only when I had a closer look at the connection that I realised it’s a perfect fit for my current HTC!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my current phone but the battery life makes me angrier than a shaken bag of wasps. This little blighter though, fits right into my purse so I can bring it with me everywhere. It’s already saved my skin on more than one occasion. Delighted.

2. On Sale You Say?!?

When I was haring about for work a couple of weeks back, my platform heels weren’t going to cut it. Of course I only realised that while on site and heading to another North County muck fest. I was thrilled so when I dropped in Tesco in Balbriggan for a spot of lunch to spot a cute pair of gold glitter flats for €11.50. I’m a magpie and a bargain hunter, we know this.

I’ve been wearing them happily since then but when cutting through Debenhams on Thursday I spotted something that made me even happier. See those Dopplegangers up there? They were on sale. How much? €85!! Reduced from €119 and at the bargain basement price of €85. They’re exactly the same shoe!!

3. Random Act of Awesome

The very lovely and very generous with his time, Seán, sent me a mail last week. You might know him from fame or as the Production Manager at Q102 (for now) or y’know Twitter badassery. He’d done me a little favour, it was completely unsolicited and awesome as it happened.

He’d redesigned my Blog Header you see, isn't it gorgeous? Apparently he was trying out his new font and thought it looked vay CherrySue and I couldn’t agree more. Be sure to follow Seán on the Twitter machine won’t you? Who doesn't love a very generous dude that’s prone to random acts of kindness.

4. Rude Not to for a Fiver

I mentioned before the excellent but very dangerous launch of The Loop Shopping online at Well considering we were jetting off to London at the weekend, I decided it was the Poifect time to try it out.

I perused the pages, putting ALL the things into my virtual shopping cart but ultimately getting sense and deleting most of them (I love the little thrill I can fool myself into having before deletion). I did however pick up some Armani Eyes to Kill shadows and an Estee Lauder Lip Gloss. That’s where Moment 4 comes in. When I’d chosen my gloss, the price flashed up €5. FIVE EURO. Every other colour in the collection was €17.50. I asked no questions, hit order and picked it up on Friday. It’s one of my new favourites. For a fiver.

5. Traumatising Toddlers FTW

If you’ve follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been battling the Dreaded Lurgy for the past week. When I was having lunch with the Sis on Friday though I seem to have terrorised a little girl unknowingly.

We were nomming on nachos and all of their accompaniments when I felt the sudden urge to sneeze. I grabbed the serviette as a mannerly person does and turned from the table. Turning back though I caught the eye of the little girl at the opposite table with what I can only describe as a look of terror frozen on her face. My Sis started laughing hysterically, turns out there was guacamole on the serviette that I used and I’d smeared it onto my face. Disgusting? Maybe. Hilarious? Absofeckinlutely. I’m sorry, child. (Totally not sorry)

So tell me, what's going on in your neck of the woods this week? Anything weird or wonderful? Lemme know!

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boredmum said...

€5 for an Estee Lauder Lip gloss, u jammy....... glad u had a good time in London, looking forward to seeing the pics, although the nice treats in Harrods looked divine... the amount of times ive been to London and still haven't managed to get to harrods yet