Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Maybelline Super Stay 24Hr Waterproof Powder - No More Shine in Your Selfies!

The slicker skinned amongst us will know that to discover a powder that will stay the one colour all day through, while reducing shine and staying in place is a big ask of a beauty product. Luckily Maybelline have been listening to our tales of perspiring woe and have released their Super Stay 24Hr Waterproof Powder and it's a little bit special. 

Though limited to just three colours (why, Maybelline?!), the formulation on these waterproof powders is absolutely gorgeous. Marketed by Maybelline as 'Hydrophobic' (it HATES the uisce) it works to create a breathable barrier to outside elements (lashings of rain for instance) but also under the barrier too i.e humidity and sweat, promising not to oxidise, cake or change colour throughout the day. 

Priced at just €8.99, these 24HR Waterproof Powders are well worth investigating. Ivory is the closest match to my skin and I find it light and comfortable on the skin all day long. I have been known to throw the little compact in my mála though as during the warmer weather/sweaty bus journeys my T-Zone can turn into a slick war zone and a quick touch up with this instantly helps. 

Are you a fan of waterproof powders? Think you'll try this one? 


Anonymous said...

This could be a cheaper alternative to my MAC MSF.

S said...

I don't get on with powder but great to know that there's a really good product out there for under a tenner, will store that in my mental bank of random possibly useful information :)

Mike said...

Nice read! I like the suggestions.

tike mik said...

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