Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

Note to self: Do not compile Jimmies post without first taking painkillers for bandy back... Addendum to note to self: Publish 'em regardless. 

Here's 5 things that have Rustled my Jimmies this week - there could have been more... many more:

1. People that write about themselves 
in the third person

 photo JudgingYou_zpse2c1889c.gif

2. When PR packages disappear without a trace...

 photo hulk_avengers_gif_cinemagraph_zps381e19cd.gif
3. When the same person enters a competition under 147 different aliases 

 photo no-gif_zps59a5a8f2.gif

4. When the first comment on a thread is 'FIRST'
 photo james-van-der-beek-clapping-gif-dawson-b7279382-sz624x350-animate1_zpse885157d.gif
5. People that Instagram pictures from Pinterest pretending that they're their own!

 photo uutcUxL_zps1fa730f8.gif
As enraged as I was 10 minutes ago, now I'm chuckling again at these Gifs - tell me, what's been rustling your Jimmies this week, it really does help to share!


Kat said...

Beauty bloggers posting nail pics with polish all over their cuticles THERE I SAID IT!

Feeling better now it's off my chest :D

Unknown said...

Yes, yes and a million times yes!

Unknown said...

Oops, I'm defo guilty of that! Sorry if I was party to rustling your jimmies! ;)

ktatie said...

Loving the RuPaul's Drag Race influence on today's Gifs!

ArtDonatella said...

Haha, I hear ya too, bugs me also!

Sharon Leavy said...

Twins attract WEIRDOS. If you want to meet the strangest, most bizarre, most verbal-diahorrea infested people in society, get a twin buggy. WEIRDOS.

Sharon Leavy said...

Just thought of another one that makes me want to punch the laptop. On facebook, when a brand or company has a competition and they say "just comment to enter". Why do people then go and like & share it? YOU WEREN'T ASKED TO DO THAT YOU ABSOLUTE KNOB END.