Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 News!

Just a quick heads up, beauty lovers but if rumours are to be believed Naked 3 has already sold out in the States! 

According to The Cut demand was so great State side that Urban Decay was selling one palette per second! That's pretty phenomenal. 

There are a couple of UK sites (that deliver to Ireland) that are now allowing pre-ordering and promising to to have the rose tinted palette in your hands by Dec 21st. One of which is Look Fantastic, they're also offering 10% off the price of €45.89. You'll find the pre-order page here but my advice, if you want this palette, be quick. 

I'm meeting with the brand next week so will have swatches and pictures up as soon as is humanly possible but if you're looking for the gift that not everyone will have this holiday season, my money is on the hot cake that is Naked 3. 

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