Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Moments - 23/04

Eh up Chucks, it's that day of the week again when I think back on fairly kick ass moments to help me through the day - ready?

1. Is There Anything This Stuff Can't Do?!

Since trying out Cicaplast Baume B5 a couple of weeks back, I've been astounded at it's multi-functional uses. Chapped lips, burned skin, scratches, burny balls...Little did I know it'd help the entire family...

Our big, fat hog, Diesel (a Rottie) has developed a little crack in his paw pad, most likely from bouncing on the trampoline trying to catch planes. I haven't been able to get him an appointment at the vet until Tues but looked up online to see if I could ease them before that. Turns out they're very common and can be treated with Udder cream or Lanolin. Brain wave. I checked the ingredients, figuring if Cicaplast was safe for toddlers lips then it'd be safe for Hoggness and might give him some relief. Three days later? The crack has completely healed! Of course it could have been his licking too but wowsers, saved me a fortune on a vet's bill!

2. What Could it Be?

There's a moment when you get unexpected post, be that something from a legendary Broseph that lives abroad or press samples that you didn't know were coming. 

I happened to take a photo of that moment this week - it's easily one of my favourite feelings IN THE WORLD. 

3. Meta Monday

I'm over the moon to say I've gained a fair few new followers over the past little while, 'Hey, everyone!' *Waves*, I'm absolutely thrilled and delighted for each and every one. 

I've noticed one thing over the past week though, as follower numbers go up, so too do my traffic stats on these very posts. There's been a surge in Monday's Moments viewings, right back to the start and I'm thrilled. People seem to be reading them again and again, one after the other. A Monday's Moment about Monday's Moments - how meta is that?! 

4. Scarlet For Me Having My Ma

Having the chats over dinner with the eldest last week he decided to tell me I'd made a show of him, 'How so this time, Sweetness?', as is my go to response for this regular occurrence. 

Turns out the girls in his class were talking about the blog (!). One of them had seen the picture of HB nails and tried to do them at home. 'Yeah, CherrySue, or sumthin', I'll Facebook ye the link'. Of course I was thrilled, Aaron? Not so much. I asked him if he told them it was me and he said 'Eh, they were, eh, too far away to talk to'. I can only imagine the colour of him, trying to get out of the class as quick as he could. 

5. I'm Lovin' Bloglovin'

Behold, the fluffy rainbow. I came up with these tactile lovelies for a guest post over on the gorgeous Adrienne's blog, The Sunday Girl last week. You can check out the simple tutorial over there. 

Not only was I hugely honoured to be a guest poster as I adore her work but I was even more chuffed to arrive home to a tweet from Adrienne informing me that the post was number 1 on Bloglovin UK and Number 2 on Blovlovin US! Peeps be flocking loving the fluffy rainbow all over the world! 

And that's Moi, five moments that have kicked Monday Blues to touch. What's happening in your part of the world this week? I'd love to hear. 

PS Adrienne is having an amazing week of Giveaways right now to launch her new Facebook page. All you need to enter is hit like. What's not to like? Get on it, lovelies x 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Sounds like another marvellous week all round :) Loving those nails so much flossy, or will I have to change your nickname to flocky? hehe Well done missus :)

S said...

Love those nails! Poor son, imagine the horror of someone mentioning your Mam in public! AAGH! ;-) Going to pretend I don't want to know what was in the box and pray Monday goes easy on us all :)x

Breige said...

Lol at number 4! And congrats on number 5, I love that nail look!

stonebabies said...

WHAT was in the box??!!! I NEED to know...... Oh & the eggs wanted to know did you share the sweets in your hand :)