Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Alternative Uses for Everyday Products

I picked up two dinky sets of earrings from Penney's (Primark) yesterday and as I set about coating them in clear polish (for my delicate shell likes) I got to thinking, there's a lot of products that I use for several things... 

If you, like me, seem to be forever drowning in a sea of beauty products then this may be the post to alleviate some of your product piggery guilt. I'm talking getting more bang for your buck, more pep for your peso, more Eureka for your Euro - I'm talking alternative uses for everyday goods. Listen up: 

We all know L'Occitane's beautiful Almond Shower Oil, right? Well did you know that it doubles as the most luxurious shave oil too? Rubbed onto dampened skin (in an area of your choosing) the razor will glide effortlessly across the skin and leave you soft and supple. 

 Forget your overpriced concoctions and poorly formulated cleansers, when you need to clean your makeup brushes (and we all do, kids) look no further than your local supermarket shelf. Baby shampoos are designed to be gentle and nourishing on the newest of hair so imagine how good they are for your beauty tools? Plus, your brushes smell like a fresh newborn every time - that's like win/glorious win. 

Nails stained from skipping basecoat or even just wear and tear? Hot foot it to the bathroom and pick up your whitening toothpaste. Just a pea sized amount on your nail brush for a good scrub a dub will have your talons sparkling again in no time. 

Clear nail varnish will get you out of several scrapes, besides the obvious. Is your button about to come loose? A quick dab will hold the threads in place until you can get your mitts on a sewing kit. Ladder in your tights? Pop on a small amount where the ladder begins and disaster averted. Love the look of costume jewellery but not the short life span? Coat the inside of bracelets and rings with a thin layer of clear polish - Ditto for cheaper earrings that are irritating sensitive ears. (Post inspiration right there, peoples!)

Finally, if you're plagued with flyaway hair in your pony tail or just stragglers up top, when you're using your favourite hand cream and it has been almost completely absorbed, run your hands through your hair and down the length of your ponytail. Effortlessly slick. Just be sure that you don't have too much product on your hands, the greased back Mafioso look is never a hit in the office. 

So they're the alternative uses for everyday goods that immediately spring to my mind - Tell me, have you any to add to the list? 


Anonymous said...

Olive oil - brilliant eye make up remover. Gets rid of even the mode stubborn waterproof mascara.

Anonymous said...


Felicity said...

Oh how I wish I'd known the nailpolish on earrings trick! The DD bought herself some ha-uuuge base metal yokes from Claires (first time out after piercing) and now she's got the mammy and daddy of all infections in the piercing! Thanks, Sue!!

Clodagh said...

Whitening toothpaste on nails? Brillant,just brillant

Eleanorjane said...

I use chapstick as emergency eye makeup remover.

Clear nail polish is wonderful stuff, it can also help keep snags or holes in fine knitwear and scarves from running, though you need to check to see that it won't show through.

Other than those two examples, I don't think I'm much of a crafty, mix and match type gal (like the folks who wash their windows with vinegar etc).

Rachelle said...

this is brillers! I hadnt heard of the toothpaste one and my nails are gross at the minute for not using a flipping base coat the passed few weeks! that will teach my lazy arse!

Unknown said...

What a great post, the clear nail varnish for the costume jewels, and def gonna grab some baby shampoo for the brushes!! :) thanks in advance!!!