Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's Moments: 28/01/13

How do, how do, coming at you muuuuch later than usual because of an impromptu day offline but I couldn't let Monday pass without lining up some Moments. There's a huge increase in lovely readers this past few weeks, 'Hi, everyone!' *waves* so I just thought I'd outline the premise of these posts again. 

Mondays usually stink, badly, so last year I decided to recount weekly five Moments that make my Monday suck less. It's been great for giving me some perspective and helping me see the silver lining. Please feel free to share your Happy Haps in the comments, it's trés cathartic, oui? 

1. My Mini What WHAT?!?

Owners of iPhones will know that messages have a tendency to light up on screen at the most inopportune of moments. Owners of teenagers will know that they're forever thinking up ever more devious ways to embarrass you. Downloading questionable apps on your phone for example. (Just mine?)

In a board meeting last week, I had my phone face up but on silent. That's when this doozy flashed up. Norman, my 'mini gay boyfriend' was apparently feeling neglected. 3 people saw this notification, THREE. The Engineer beside me touched the phone to better read the display. I died a little bit that day. Eldest Gorgebag died a little more when I got hold of him that evening though! 

2. We Do Science Us. 

I'm hugely thankful for each and every event invite I receive, this one from La Roche Posay though really takes the bikkie. Top Secret 'speriments with test tubes and Petri dishes are right up my street. 

I actually videoed us trying this in the kitchen lab but have a feeling the ISPCC would take issue with me poking Beaker (my Gorgebag assistant) and calling him chicken because he wouldn't spray more. Ah, happy families, wha? (Also DYING to see what the event will be - more after the 6th!)

3. Like a Bawss!

It's exchanges like this one that make me love Twidder with a burning passion (sometimes). Being the nosebag that I am, I butted in on a conversation on my timeline about Looper the movie. Recommending that the lads follow Rian Johnson (Looper's director). 

Within a couple of minutes Mr Johnson himself pops into the chat to say Hi, seriously, I know  I'm a bit of a dweeb but that's pretty cool, right? 

4. An Egg a Day is Good for you, Atchilee. 

There are times when only chocolate will do, unfortunately I'd one of those times during the week when there wasn't as much as a Horlicks in the press to take the edge off. 

Mentioning this to himself he arrived up the following night with an egg carton from other Cadbury's eggs that he'd filled with these beauts. Him being him though hid them so I'd have to find them. That 2.4 minutes of frantic searching easily afforded me two eggs in one go though, right? 

5. That's God Gettin' Ya...

Returning to the office from site on Thursday I was stuck in traffic in the wilds of North County Fingal. Being the nosebag I am (see Moment 3) I was staring at a couple arguing outside the shops. You would too, don't lie. 

Hedley Lamarr was pointing into his beleaguered girlfriend's face and shouting, though she wasn't backing down at all. He turns to storm off, straight in front of my car and falls up the path on the other side. Not an actual fall, more of a stumble/pretend run. He was RAGING, turned around puce faced to see if she saw and caught me guffawing at him. Lights turned green just in time and I laughed solidly while driving for the next 5 minutes. Ass. 

C'est Ca! Five Moments that have cheered me up this week. Do let me know what's been floating your proverbial goat, won't you? 


Anonymous said...

Hello! Found your blog through other blogs. Am loving yours! :)

On moment #1, my friend once set her ringtone as Akon's Right Now which was a hit that time. When the phone rings, the song goes on like this "I wanna make love right now na na... ". Well she didn't really understand the lyrics of the song but thought it cool as it was a hit song.

So it happened that she was in a serious meeting with her bosses and her phone rang at the perfect time. After she fumbled to switch the phone off, her boss asked her:"Really? You want to make love right now?" :p

I hope it was not a Monday for her! :p

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