Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery

It's Toosdy

Let's Chat!


Breedao said...

Morning - on the bus into work for the first time since last Wednesday :( still it's not raining

Felicity said...

Well, yesterday was both obscene and biological, but so far today I have the groceries done, two loads of wasing done (and on the *line*, sing Hosannas)and cat wrangled like a pro. My life is complete.

Breedao said...

I love days like those - you feel like you've accomplished something - unfortunately I feel like I'm swimming through molasses - not helped by the fact I forgot to switch my out of office in last Wednesday so now people think I've been ignoring their mails :(

Sue Jordan said...

Oh Lawd Felicity, can I have some of what you're having please?

I'm with you Breeda, I know what has to be done, I just can't quite get there.

I'm heading out to the Fibrology launch this afternoon, have ye tried it yet ladies? Gorgeous product.

I'm dreaming of getting back home to finish watching Broadchurch this evening though - blahhdy loving it. I'm on episode 6 so no spoilers please :)

Naomi Hanlon said...

Howiyas ladies! New chatter here.
You're all making me feel very lazy! I've my day's work done (I'm a freelancer) but I'm still sitting here in my PJs, I need to get up and do the Shred, sort out my housework and then the dog needs a bath, and groceries need doing as well. Arah!
Cherry Sue, I've heard lots about this Broadchurch craic. May give it a go. Anyone of interest in it?