Friday, June 08, 2012

Sneak Movie Peek - Flight

This afternoon, for Flicks on Friday, I've a little looksee from Paramount at Flight, the movie that'll make knees weak and nervous passengers cower behind the popcorn this November.

The story revolves around Pilot Denzel saving countless lives from being lost in a horrific plane crash but, instead of being allowed to bask in the heroic glory, the investigations that follow cause serious concern.

Word of advice? Do NOT watch this clip if you're heading off on hols in the coming weeks!


Unknown said...

Your reviews are the best, Sue!

Robyn Morton said...

Hmmm... Not scary, but fascinating *disclosure: I am an airplane geek with a few hours of training*

Looks like an interesting movie, though I would probably spend my time saying what was wrong with it.

I would also have no problem watching something like this before getting on a flight. I once watched an episode of Air Crash Investigation detailing a plane having its engines fail over the Atlantic, hours before my first flight to the States. Am I a bit messed up in the head? Simple answer, yes.

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Holy bagolies, I'm so going to see that and get wrinkles watching the crash scenes!! Love me some Denzel...