Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Moments - 13/01/14

Hey All, how are we this morning? How are we holding up with the New Years Resolutions or will we just not talk about 'em? 

It's been a pretty hectic week, most of which I've spent at home as per uje but there's still been Moments to brighten the Monday Blues as there always are. Wanna see them?

1. Jammy GITs

I mentioned before the Christmas break that Aaron, AKA, the Eldest Gorgebag had been swept up by a very savvy site to be their new Movie Contrib. Now that The Gentleman in Training ( is live and kicking, I can share it with you. 

The brainchild of, this iteration is for the savvy young gents amongst us with a bit of noose and even more ambition so I can see why Aar is a great fit (yep I'm totally biased). His first few reviews have been published already and I guess I should be flattered that they've also adopted my movie review format for all of their reviews - like I say, these guys have taste. Chuffed for all involved. 

2. I Can Do a Tumble

I am no doubt showing my age in that this is a Moment for me but, Sweet Baby J, we got a new dryer! This means no more falling to my knees and cursing the heavens when it rains - no more lugging clothes in and out (or, more realistically, guilting the lads into doing it) but our lives have been improved largely by this big white box. Yay us!

3. A Good Vet Could've Saved Her

I can't even look at this pic without my mouth watering again! After The Wolf on Wall St screening with Aaron on Wed we were famished (it's that good) and Aar's only request was to try Bunsen on Wexford St. 

There are only 4 burgers on the menu, this is the double cheese and I'm not exaggerating when I say we were up to our elbows in this meat messiah. So much so that the entire walk back to Stephen's Green was spent JUST talking about the burgers we'd just demolished. I didn't eat for 2 days afterward but I urge you, get thee to Bunsen - Post Haste!

4. Boo by Name and BOO by Nature

See this moggy? She's aged me approximately 42 years so far but never so much as she has in the past week. On Tuesday night I had an Insidious movie fest with Adam up in my room (all toasty like). Great films btw, especially when you watch them back to back. 

I'm not normally a scaredy cat (pun intended) but a few hours after settling down to sleep, at about 5am, THIS little wagon leapt onto my chest without warning! I thought it was that scaldy black widow coming for me! I grew 6 grey hairs that morning. True story. 

5. Spaceman, I Always Wanted You 
to go into Space, Man!

You'd have to be living under a pretty large rock not to know who Chris Hadfield is and the gripping accessibility he gave us into life aboard the International Space Station last year, bringing social media where no man had ever brought it before. 

We had the very great pleasure to listen to Col. Hadfield at last weeks LayaPendulum Business Summit describe in gripping detail exactly what it was like to live outside our atmosphere and the life perspective it gave him as he gazed down on us spinning past. It was truly humbling and inspiring to listen to his story told with such passion and I'd recommend legging it along to listen if ever you get the chance. 

And that's what's chasing my Monday Blues away - tell me, what's making your Monday a little more tolerable? 

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Eleanorjane said...

Hmm... it's been a pretty blergy Monday. The only good thing I can call to mind is the excellent veg lasagne that husband made and reheated for my dins when I got home after a long wet commute.