Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Chattery

Morning all, so while yesterday was a veritable tumbleweed fest apart from Avril, Thanks Avril! I've decided to keep this little feature for a trial period. 

As we were formulating ideas to help host the orphaned Blather, it came to my attention that the lovely EvieM was to directly relocate the ongoing chat to her site so that girls looking for the Blather particularly can chat there as I will be too from time to time. 

Not to be dissauded though and in the spirit of nothing ventured, nothing gained, I'll continue with this post and perhaps let people know far and wide it's available. 

So here's the deal: If you have a dilemma, a question or a comment - be that about beauty, lifestyle or life in general, leave a comment below and we'll do our very best to help you out. 

Of course comments can be anonymous so if you're struggling with something please feel free to share - a problem shared and all that. 

And with that we'll open the floor again - how was your Monday after all that weekend panic? 


Felicity said...

Hey Sue, hope a few more pop by to chat today. It will take a while for people to get used to the new order!

Audrey said...

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Ohh great stuff! Can ask a skincare question? I have tiny little white spots on the back of my arms & can't get rid of them. Does anybody kniw what they are & how to sort them out. Just can't afford the ridiculous doctors fee to get his opinion! Thanks in advance ;)

MaCo said...

Hi happy new year to you all and Cherry Sue best of luck with your back blog and this chatter thing!
I feel i need to load off on all of you,
Here it goes one of my parents have got cancer for the second time, surgery done but it may have spread, how do you keep spirits up for them and with them? Any ideas please, thanks in advance.xxxxxx

Helz said...

Hey Everyone. I was never into blather but new year new location why not give it a go?
Anon, I had those little white bumps too. I found that exfoliation got rid of them so I body brush every day and then use those scrubby gloves every second day followed by a nice light body lotion. I hope this works for you!
MaCo, I am terribly sorry to hear about your parent and will be keeping them in my thoughts. It is so hard to watch a loved one unwell but my only advice would be to be grateful for all the wonderful times you can have with them and try your best to encourage them to look past the negatives and enjoy all the little things.
Hope you all have a lovely day. x

Sue Jordan said...

Morning Ladies!

Felicity, you're absolutely right and thanks for saying so.

Hey Anon, I think what you're talking about is called Keritosis Pilaris (KP) and it absolutely plagued me for years - though I was a scratcher. Helz is 100% right, gentle and consistent exfoliation is the way to go. Those scrubby gloves are cheap as chips in Penney's.

Be sure to moisturise too. I found Kiehl's Creme de Corps almost completely solved mine but then came La Roche-Posay's Iso Urea at 1/5 the price and I've been recommending it ever since, even had a post on it a while back.

Really hope that helps x

Sue Jordan said...

Morning MaCo,

Thanks for commenting and sharing, I'm so sorry to hear about that. It's devastating when a parent is so ill, especially if you've already been through it.

Our Dad, thankfully, is out the other side for the past 6 months. It was a draining time for all of us, most of all him but he told me only a couple of weeks ago that it gave him huge comfort that we were just there for him and with him.

No huge fanfare or grand gestures just spending our time with him and that really struck a chord with me.

I'll be thinking about you and genuinely hope you have better news soon.

We're always here if you want to chat, vent, unload or even just share your day xx

Sue Jordan said...

Hey Ladies,

Have any of you experience with amber necklaces for teething?

A pal was asking but they're waaay after my time :)

Anonymous said...

Hey CherrySue & Helz thanks so much for your advise I'll certainly give it a go!

MaCo so sorry to hear that all I can say is the same as the other girls just be there & offer your support. Cancer is quite simply a bastard & I sincerely hope your parent kicks its ass for a second time. xx

BritishBeautyBlogger said...

This is such a great forum CherrySue! Just wanted to add that if your skin can tolerate an AHA body hydrator, that's also really helpful for KP as it hydrates and mildly exfoliates. And in the case of MaCo, the best thing anyone can do is be a great and patient listener; the gift of time makes someone feel valued and wanted, whether ill or not, but particularly when poorly. Just being heard and understood without being judged or 'jollied' out of it is a blessing.

Eleanorjane said...

Hi there, not enough details to give and opinion, so I suggest having a Google and seeing what you find. I've got this condition myself... http://www.paulaschoice.com/expert-advice/body-care/_/keratosis-pilaris-solutions-for-bumps-on-backs-of-arms

Eleanorjane said...

Also, (sorry for double posting...)

I've been there with the parent with cancer thing and it SUCKS!

My thinking would be to stay true to what works for you and your family instead of feeling like you have to do anything or say anything in particular.

Also, don't feel you have to keep your spirits up all the time - take time to feel your feelings and nurture yourself and let others nurture you as much as possible.

God bless!

laura r said...

Cherrysue- love this feature on your blog,am sure people will drop by & get involved once they realise it's there.
MaCo sorry to hear about your parent,my hubbie went through same with his dad,said his dad took comfort in him being there & support. perhaps check out some cancer support websites?- tHey often have useful information for patients & relatives,might also give you some proactive tips?
Hope that helps